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A Salaam Alechem... and grace to you. Abdul Njai

God Gave Jesus the Gospel

Speaking the Truth in Love to Muslims

A Salaam Alechem

Peace be unto you who love the Muslim world; who love them truly, enough to bring them the message of Jesus Christ the Lord.

Yes, I myself am a disciple of Jesus. I write to fill your stomach with the bread of God. It is only then that your hand will possess something to give to others.

If merely placed in your palm, it cannot remain there long. It will slip through your fingers or be laid aside and you will remain empty. No, my friend, let the truth of Jesus sink into your ears. Taste it with your tongue and swallow it to fill your soul before it passes from your lips upon the air. It is good like that.

The Life of Jesus is no system. The Spirit blows where He wills. The Gospel is not a memorized formula. Living threads weave eternal patterns in skillfully fabricated gospel cloth. Single strands will never clothe the naked and pre-manufactured goods will not suit the wearer.

There is no quick fit in preaching to Muslims. Individual tailoring is in order. One size does not fit all.

Jesus our Lord is the Master in every way. Learn from Him to preach your gospel. Truth was never modified to accommodate His listeners, but His emphasis varied. Application of the one gospel was molded to the likes of a young rich ruler, a Nicodemus, a woman of Samaria. Go and do thou likewise.

Truth digested is of more practical use than that which is packaged for distribution. Every scribe who is a disciple of the kingdom of heaven will bring forth from his treasure things new and old.

Stay close to the Shepherd: There is no other place of safety when sent forth as sheep in the midst of wolves. Nevertheless, His rod and staff will comfort you and you will even find a table spread in the presences of enemies.

Feast there and invite your Muslim guests to dine with you in that eternal banquet of love in the kingdom of Jesus Christ the Lord. Your brother and partaker of the tribulation as it is in Jesus,


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